Saturday, September 18, 2010

A walk!

Helloooo everyone! I have a minute to update my blog. Then, I have to do some homework, ugh. I start Marshall's on Wednesday. I'm super nervous. Anyways, today is my day to get some school work finished, and then Allen is going to come over after work and we're gonna go to his place and probably fix some dinner and do some MORE homework! haha. But here are some photos I took when Allen and I went on a walk around my neighborhood a few days ago (:

I'm like, obsessed with this picture I took. I love it!!

My babyyyy<3


This turned out really cool, in my opinion.

Those are the photos I took! I need to get off here and start some homework. I'm listening to some 90s music right now! I miss all of these songs so much!! ANYWAYS. Byeee (:


  1. Hey KayMarie! I tagged you in a post! Go to my blog to view it. I hope you do it! :)

  2. Amazing post and blog! I love your photos they are really adorable!

  3. Lovely blog!

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  4. lovely pics....