Sunday, September 12, 2010

Another day closer to Fall!!

Oh man, I love the weather. My mom and my little sister and I got up super early this morning to go to a little Fall craft fair. I absolutely loved it there. There was soo many adorable Halloween and Fall decorations. I wish I would have taken better pictures there, but I didn't. I only have about two photos to post that I took yesterday. But yeah, the weather felt soooo much like Autumn today, and I LOVED it.

Also, Allen and I went to the mall this evening and I bought some Halloween earrings from Claire's, lol. I really needed some new Halloween jewelry! The earrings I bought are veryyyy cute!! I'll have to post pictures and prices of them tomorrow. Can't wait to start wearing them.

ALSO, Marshalls called me back today! I GOT THE JOB! Woooo! I start the 22nd. I'm nervous, but also excited to be making some moneyyyy! Hopefully Marshalls is a pretty simple, semi-enjoyable job. I don't want to add any stress to the stress college has already given me, lol. Anywaysss, not much more to say tonight. I'm going to go to sleep. It's raining out and I want to lay down and listen to it. I love rainy nights<3
Here are the two pictures!

The lovely leaves on the tree in my front yard are changing so quickly!! (:

Here are some flowers my mom planted outside of our house. I love them! They're like Halloween flowers, hahaha! Very Fallish.

Well, that's it! Goodnight (:

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