Wednesday, September 8, 2010


Helllllooo! (: I still have yet to get my camera back, unfortunately. But I believe I am getting it back tomorrow from Allen. So, I still don't have any new photos to share. But, I believe Allen and I are going to the state fair sometime this weekend, so I plan to get quite a few cool photos there! I'm super excited.
I went to my Marshall's interview yesterday. It went really well and the woman told me to call back this Friday to set something up. So, I'm assuming I will be getting the job.
Anyways, that's about it for now. I'm gonna get started on some homework and hopefully I will be updating within the next day or so with some more pictures, especially pictures of the leaves and Fall! Because I loooove this season! Even though it hasn't officially started yet, lol.
Well, to end the post, I thought I would at least post a few photos. These are some photos I took in July when my family, boyfriend, and I went to Oak Island, NC on vacation.
This photo is when we went to Southport, NC for the 4th of July festival.

This is a picture I took of my lovely rainbow ice cream cone that was deliciousss! We got the ice cream at a place called Kilwin's Handmade Chocolates in Wilmington, NC.

 This is a photo I took of the side of the HUGE battleship we took a tour of. This was also in Wilmington. I really like this picture.
This photo I took inside of the battleship. I thought it looked cool.
And lastlyyyy, a picture of my love and I on the beach (:

Well, that's all for today!! (:


  1. That rainbow ice cream looks delicious! What did it taste like the most?

    What a fun trip! The last photo made me smile. What camera was used for it?

  2. Thanks!!! (: The ice cream was soooo good. Very fruity. I used my Nikon D3000! Thanks so much for commenting!

  3. You're welcome! AWW You followed me! I have yet to see what you'll post in the future so I'll follow you back.

    Photo blogs are amusing. :) I thought it was a Lomo cam. The effects are similar. Nice shot! :D