Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Flea markets and Rose Gardens

Hey everyone. Haven't updated in a while. I tried to upload this the other day, but my computer was going slow. I was so annoyed. Anyways, I'm just gonna upload some pictures from the other day (: My boyfriend and I took a day and went to a flea market and a park. It was soo nice.

My love and I<3

Foods at the flea market!

There they are! We went to a park with a huge rose garden. I loved it!!! That's all for now (:


  1. The roses are so beautiful! Did you buy any of the food displayed in one of the photos? :)

  2. Thanks! No, we didn't. But it was pretty!! (:

  3. love all your pics especially the ones with your boy friend....
    the love of my life is leaving for Europe for his happy for him..but will miss him like crazy...sigh...oh well...thats life...
    great pics...

  4. new blog up!

  5. Dreammm Blog :D