Sunday, September 12, 2010

Halloween Earrings!

Sooo I posted last night saying I bought some Halloween earrings, and I want to share the pictures! They are adorable. If you are a Halloween lover like myself, you should definitely go to Claire's and check these out. They are tooo cute! Especially for kids. I may let my little sisters borrow a pair! ;) MAYBE. haha!

Here is the first picture. There are three pairs- spiders, pumpkins, and ghosts. I love them!! And these were $7.50 for all of them.
This is the second picture. There are skeleton ones (which are the dangly kind), another little pair of cute pumpkins, and also another pair of cute ghosts. These were also $7.50.

This is the last pair I bought. Cute, sparkly candy corns! Ahhh I love these! They are probably my favorite. These cost $4, buuut they have a sale going on right now- Buy 2 and get 1 pair free. So, I only had to pay for the first two which were $7.50 each and I got this pair for free. (:

Here is the last picture of all of them together. (:

I looove them and can't wait to wear a different pair everyday.  Definitely go check these out if you love Halloween!!


  1. Those are really cute earrings! :)

    By the way, you got me to try rainbow ice cream. It was too sweet but I got so excited to eat it. I'm sticking to pistachio. lol.

  2. You should so be British as thats like the floral capital of everything hehe. The candy cane earrings look good enough to eat! xx

  3. OMGOSH halloween earrings are so adorable! I've never even thought about halloween jewelry :3 shame on me. I will go out and buy some for sure hehe.

    Thanks so much for following xxx